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A Spectacle of Souls — COVER REVEAL

A Spectacle of Souls

Coming July 7th, 2020

The Ringmaster

The last thing Jacob wanted was to be part of a circus, let alone one run by his manipulative father. When his power finally emerges, the circus becomes a dangerous place. Who will survive the new wrath and power?

Becoming the Wolf

Lurking in the forbidden woods lies a village’s storied demon. He waits and watches, moving silently as the fog—his victims never see him coming. Preying on the sleepy village, the wolf brings death to all. One night when the wolf pushes too far, young Herrick loses everything and is out for revenge only to discover an even deeper secret hiding in the woods. Now Herrick must decide the fate of the village by allowing his new family to decide the fate of those who wronged him.

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